We exist to discover high scoring coffees from around the world, roast them in-season, and educate the fine people of Tri-Cities, Wa.


Quality coffee: We only source specialty grade coffee that is scored 85 points or higher.  

In-Season: Coffee is a fruit.  We specifically roast coffee that is ripe from harvest and as fresh as possible.

Education: Our end goal is to educate and equip our customers so they can experience coffee at a higher level.


Producing coffee of the highest quality requires tremendous skill and preparation. By the time raw coffee beans reach us, they have already been through a rigorous and intense process. After being planted, grown, and picked, they are dried, sorted, washed, scored, and warehoused. Then the beans are imported, sorted and scored again, then finally shipped to us for roasting. Securing high quality beans and roasting them perfectly leads to a distinctively crafted cup of Resilient coffee.


Although we perform only a small role in the overall process, we take our role very seriously. We believe that by performing our job well, we showcase all the efforts that have preceded us in this amazing industry. Assuring quality and excellence from the farm to the cup is what identifies us and we are honored to offer you the results. These core values guarantee our customers are receiving coffee of the highest quality, made with focused dedication