Espresso Blend (16oz)

Espresso Blend (16oz)

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Roasters Reserve is a perfectly balanced agreement of tropical fruits, dark cocoa and creamy butter tones with a fresh clear finish that makes an astounding espresso.  The Reserve gives even more character when balanced in the perfect amount of milk, breaking through in sweetness, with chocolate overtones, and an attractive aroma. 

The current blend consist of:
Latin America 60%
Central 30%
Africa 10%

Our roasting curve is a quick drying phase, first crack right at 9 minutes then 2.5 minutes of development. We drop this coffee at the perfect development. This roast is very forgiving and can be used with many different brewing methods.

Our brew recommendation is 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 1 (8oz) cup.

On the espresso machine we find the best extraction is a simple 1:2 ratio with a little longer pull than usual:

20 grams in, 40 grams out at 28-32 seconds
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    full bodied, smooth, great finish